A tent for long term living is very similar to a camper with a roof and some additional amenities. The primary difference between the two, however, is that in the case of a tent you will typically be staying in it for a year or longer. You can rent the tent for many months or even a year. A hotel room will typically only be used for a weekend once or twice a year. Since a tent is permanent, you will find that a hotel room will cost you far more money than a rental tent. This link- bestcampingworld.com/best-tent-for-long-term-living/


The biggest advantage of renting a tent is that it gives you the freedom to explore the great outdoors without having to worry about bugs and other such things that can be associated with a hotel room. Many people enjoy camping because of the experience that they get from being outdoors. However, the reality is that when you are sleeping outside, you have no way of telling if there will be snakes, mice, or other rodents lurking around you. With a tent, though, you will be safe from these potential problems. Your tent will provide you with warmth during the night and you won’t have to deal with any other problems, including those that are associated with sleeping in a hotel room.


If you are planning on spending time in your tent for long term living, it is important that you get one that is durable. You will want to look at the material that the tent is made out of. You should try to find a tent that is made out of materials that will stand up to the weather and the elements. You also need to make sure that the tent has enough room for your family to spread out. Finally, make sure that you take the time to compare prices between various tents before you make your final decision.

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