waffle pods

Norslabs waffle pods are an extremely cost effective method of constructing strong concrete slabs for commercial projects, extensions or new houses. They save time onsite as Pods can now be pre-cut to suit the exact sizes of the required concrete slab. Because Pods are pre-shaped, there is minimum disturbance to the surrounding area as no excavations are required and no soil is excavated to dispose off surplus concrete. The slab is then positioned in place to allow easy foundation installation with the help of specialist equipment. This allows the concrete slabs to be carried out just as the original design envisaged allowing for quicker concrete construction.


Constructing reinforced concrete slabs by hand is no longer necessary with the use of a hydraulic machine. The wet waffle material provides a solid base for the slabs to be carried out on site. Due to this innovative construction method, there is no longer any need to mix the raw material with water before working. Instead, the mixing process takes place at the pour stage to ensure that the exact amounts of concrete mix and waterproofed polystyrene or PPS insulation are supplied to ensure that the strength of the slab is adequately maintained during its life. As the slab is brought to the pour stage it is checked to ensure that there are no cracks in the surface and that there are no loose tiles or PPS insulation. If any loose tiles or insulation is found, it can then be replaced.


Norslabs’ expanded polystyrene waffle pods feature a unique internal heating system which uses a heat-resistant resin layer which forms an insulated barrier between the concrete slab and the interior of the waffle. The interior of the pod has holes in it that allow the air to circulate while the slab remains fixed to the machine. This allows the slab to be moved around without fear of any damage to the interior due to temperature fluctuations. This system is incorporated into several other structural products including beams, footers, piers, and columns.

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