Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 3rd February, 2021 announced the scheme named PM Modi scheme, which was an all across government program to distribute 1 Crore of cash to all farmers over the nation through different schemes. Farmers had gathered strength and solidarity during the previous harvest season and were hopeful that the upcoming bumper crop season would provide bumper yields. But this was just a hope and mirage as the poor harvest resulted in low production levels and hence farmers were left with hardly any crop to show. Farmers were in great despair, as the non-availability of the necessary seeds and fertilizers, due to non-availability of funds for purchasing them, added further difficulties to their situation. This was the reason that PM Modi took immediate decision and declared PM Modi scheme, with this he desired to help out the farmers of India and restore the lost morale of the farmers. Useful website –

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The prime minister informed the media that the scheme named PM Modi Scheme was implemented after consultation with various ministries including agriculture, commerce and Industries, department of revenue, department of irrigation, National Stock Exchange etc. According to sources the scheme has been implemented in all the districts of the nation and is providing all the required help to the farmers to increase production levels. The prime minister also declared Rs 14000 crore as the first share capital amount of the scheme. The share capital of the scheme was released after scrutiny and approval by the cabinet. The fund release has now made the interest rates in the market level and farmers can earn good income from this scheme.

In order to help out the farmers there was an online application called ‘PM Modi Scholarship’ which had to be submitted so that the online form could be accepted. The PM Modi Scholarship is free of cost and allows the applicants to avail of the benefit of the scheme immediately. There are only few eligibility criteria, for availing the scholarship benefit, of which the following are required: the candidate must be a Hindu and should be enrolled on the cadet recruitment list of the reserve bank. The candidate can apply for the PM Modi Scholarship form online at the Reserve Bank website. The best way to apply for this scholarship is to visit the Reserve bank website and fill the online application form.

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