During a laser lipo cost, a light energy beam is directed at the body’s fatty tissue. The energy penetrates the fatty layer and creates a chemical signal in the fat cells. The cells are then damaged by the heat from the light.

Can your stomach get fat after lipo?

The heat causes the cell walls to break down, releasing the stored fat. The lymphatic system then works to remove the toxins from the body. This process improves circulation and accelerates the breakdown of waste. This results in a firmer and tighter skin.

After the treatment, you will need to wear a compression garment for a couple of days. The garment will help reduce the risk of complications. You should also start an exercise program. This is to get rid of the fatty acids released during the treatment.

It is also important to eat healthy foods. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful. Taking a milk thistle supplement may help keep the liver clean. Lastly, a 30-minute Infrared Sauna is recommended.

Depending on the size of the treated area, it can take up to six months to see the full benefits of the laser lipo procedure. However, it is possible to see results after just one or two sessions. It is best to work with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

Most people experience minimal to no pain during the laser lipo session. However, some clients report burning under the skin. This can be a sign of liquid buildup.

You may want to limit your activity for the day of the treatment. You should not eat for three hours before the treatment. You should also avoid eating near the treatment area.

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