How do you tell if your doctor has produced fake doctor excuses for work? There are a few simple things you can do to see if your doctor is genuinely fake. The first thing you should do is ask yourself: “Does my employer require a doctor’s note to be taken to work?” If the answer is yes, then you are in good company.

Can a doctor lie about your diagnosis?

If the answer is no, then your next step is to talk to your human resources department. Some of them will let you do your sick business as long as you wish.

The key is to be discreet. Do not try to impress your coworkers with a voluminous amount of makeup, or go overboard on a bath tub. You will be questioned on this one pretty quickly.

The best way to avoid being accused of a fake medical condition is to go to the doctor and have a genuine condition documented. In the event that your employer is unable to confirm that you are truly ill, you will be held liable for any complications that may arise.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed return to work. Nevertheless, if you truly need to be away from work, you should try to get your boss’s attention and be ready to talk. This is an opportunity to showcase your abilities as an employee, but it also demonstrates your commitment to your job.

While your employer might not approve your request, the fact remains that your ailment is real. As such, you need to be in the best physical shape you can be in.

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