A one tooth flipper is a temporary alternative to a bridge or dental implant that can be used until you’re ready for a more permanent restoration. They’re a great option for kids and adults who are missing a single tooth or a group of teeth that aren’t adjacent to each other.

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They’re made from a dental acrylic material that can come close to matching your natural teeth and gums. They’re also easy to clean and can be taken out for nightly cleanings.

However, they’re fragile and can easily break, so they’re not the best choice if you’re looking for a long-term replacement. They can also be difficult to chew with, and they may feel bulky or uncomfortable in your mouth.

If you’re considering a flipper tooth, talk to your dentist about whether this is the right solution for you. Having a prosthetic that is made specifically for your needs can help ensure the most comfortable fit and optimal results.

One tooth flippers are typically made before a tooth is extracted, so they can be an excellent way to maintain the aesthetics and function of your smile while you’re waiting for an implant or other more permanent restoration. They’re also less expensive than other temporary alternatives, making them an affordable and effective option for patients in need of a replacement tooth.

They’re usually made from acrylic, which can be easily broken or shattered, so they’re not ideal for people who have a high risk of breaking their flipper. They can also cause significant oral infection if they’re not cleaned properly.

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