athletic clothes for women

Whether you’re a fitness junkie, a yoga lover or just a girl who loves wearing athleisure at home (or while running errands), the right workout clothing can add motivation to your gym routine. From compression leggings to breathable tees, there are workout clothes for every workout. And it’s important to pay attention to fit and fabric — high-intensity exercises like HIIT require tighter outfits that reduce bounce, while low-impact movements like restorative yoga need soft, flexible fabrics that move with you.

In recent years, athletic clothes for women has infiltrated everyday wardrobes in a big way. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have a pair of high-quality leggings in their closet, and the best brands make workout clothes for women that are as functional as they are stylish.

Athletic Style Redefined: Top Picks for Women’s Athletic Clothes

Some of the most well-known workout apparel brands include Lululemon, which is a favorite with yogis, runners and influencers for its sleek silhouettes and technical features. But the brand’s price tag can be high, so it’s worth considering your budget before making a purchase.

Other high-quality workout gear includes Nike, which offers athletic clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. The label’s Nike By You feature lets shoppers customize their own sneakers for a personal touch, while its Nike+ line of performance-ready apparel focuses on innovation and athlete-first design.

More contemporary workout brands are popping up, too. The Australian-founded P.E Nation is known for its ’90s street style-influenced looks, with options that work just as well outside of the gym as they do in the studio. And Austin-based Outdoor Voices changed the game for workout dresses in 2018 when it launched a functional style with built-in shorts.

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