Diesel trucks are popular in Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah because they stand up to the rigors of our climate. But many drivers are looking for more power out of their diesels and that’s where performance upgrades come in. Power increases for diesels are accomplished by improving the fuel and air mixture into the cylinder during combustion. This may be in mechanical forms, such as cold air intakes or fuel injector nozzles that improve atomization. Then there are electronic forms, such as diesel performance chips or modules that increase injector timing and pulse width.

Willys Workshop engine specialists are using these types of upgrades to create more horsepower for street, pulling and drag racing applications. This is why more customers are asking for a diesel engine rebuild with power modifications instead of a factory replacement.

Maximizing Mileage: Balancing Power and Efficiency in Diesel Engine

Engine builders know that diesel engines typically have a stout bottom end and that the crank and connecting rods are usually stronger than those found in a gasoline engine. However, it’s the top end that makes or breaks a diesel performance build.

The hottest diesel performance upgrade is the addition of a diesel fuel injection system. These systems deliver a higher cetane number, better lubricity and detergents to keep the fuel injector clean and reduce injector wear. They can also be tuned to a specific engine application. This is why it’s important to use a shop that knows diesel fuel injectors and can tailor them for your customer’s needs.

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