If you love your dirt bike but can’t legally ride it on the road in your state, you might think about converting it to street legal. The process involves making several mechanical upgrades to make your bike DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant. It also involves filing paperwork and paying fees to register the vehicle for highway use. It’s a big project that requires both skill and money.

Are dirt bikes street legal in India?

However, it’s possible to convert a dirt bike for street use with the right parts and a bit of time. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of the process, provide tips to help you get started, and offer suggestions for a few of the best street legal dirt bikes available today.

Honda CRF300LS

The 2023 Honda CRF300LS is one of the best dirt bikes you can buy if you want to convert it for street use. It is a street-legal version of the popular XR650 dirt bike and features the same engine as its off-road counterpart, but it’s 2 inches lower in seat height for riders that are shorter in stature.

Husqvarna FE 501s

The FE 501s is the top-of-the-line street legal dirt bike from Husqvarna. It’s similar to the KTM 500 EXC-F, but it has a few Husqvarna-specific components including a carbon composite subframe, different swingarm, and a different seat and bodywork. It also has linkage rear suspension and a preload adjustment for the fork.

Yamaha WR250R

The WR250R is a great budget option that can be used on the dirt and on the road. It’s not as fast or smooth-riding as the other options in this list, but it’s a reliable and affordable choice for beginners or those that only plan on riding on roads.

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