Depending on the facilities offered and the amenities, Private Rehab may cost more than public programs. It’s also important to know that while most health insurance covers addiction treatment, many private plans have deductibles and co-payments that need to be paid out of pocket.

A typical day in a private rehab facility begins with a set wake up time, often around 7 a.m. Nurses may administer medications first thing in the morning, and then there is usually some time to take a shower or get dressed before breakfast. After breakfast, clients participate in one or more group therapy sessions with therapists or counselors who are specifically trained to work with drug and alcohol abusers.

The Comforts of Confidentiality: Choosing Private Rehab for Recovery

In between group therapy sessions, there is typically some free time for activities such as a walk around the facility, yoga or meditation. Some private rehabs also offer additional services such as massages and acupuncture. This type of rehabilitation is called luxury alcohol rehab and it is often geared towards celebrities, industry executives and high-profile people who are seeking discreet treatment away from prying eyes.

There are also specialized private drug and alcohol rehabs for individuals with mental health issues, dual diagnosis, and those who have experienced trauma in their lives. Some private rehabs are also able to provide more targeted programs that include wilderness treatment, executive drug rehab and those tailored for LGBTQ addiction recovery. These programs allow a person to meet others with similar lifestyle experiences, struggles and outlooks in order to find support and encouragement to make positive changes in their life.

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