Whether you are building an apartment complex, office building or shopping center during construction, a good way to delineate the work area from the public is with proper fence signage. This will reduce various risks and threats, including unintentional trespassing. The fence should be of considerable height to dissuade criminals from jumping it and tampering with materials and equipment. It is also helpful to have directional signs to point visitors to points of entry, parking and onsite offices. These help to keep the project running smoothly and efficiently and to prevent frustration for those trying to navigate around a construction zone. Source: https://platongraphics.com/custom-banners/construction-fence-banners/

Construction Site Banner Solutions: Tailored Signage for Every Project

Aside from obscuring the construction site from view, fence banners are an excellent tool for advertising your company during the construction process. They can be custom-printed with eye-catching visuals and compelling words to capture attention. They can also provide important information that may not be found in other mediums, such as announcing the project’s schedule or who is responsible for safety and security.

Using a large format printer is the best way to produce high-quality construction fence banners that are durable and long-lasting. A good large-format printing service can use latex printing technology to print your construction fence banners with vivid colors and crisp text. This will make your messages easier to read and understand. You can even include braille to meet ADA guidelines and address accessibility issues for visually impaired visitors. This will increase your audience’s understanding and appreciation of the building project and company, as well as boost brand awareness among those who may not have been aware of the company before.

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