The everpure h 104 Cell Phone System by Steve Rhodes is a great way to protect your privacy and keep your important calls private. It’s easy to use and comes with an easy to understand manual. You’ll set up the system so that it detects incoming calls through the cellular signal in your car or home, then it automatically dials the numbers for you. It doesn’t matter what type of cell phone or PDA you have-you can set it up so that it works with any phone! This system was created especially for the “do-it-yourself” mobile phone user.

Ever pure h 104 – It’s easy to use and comes with an easy to understand manual

everpure h 104


When you install this system, you get a huge pack of over five million cell phone numbers, including some major cell phone carriers. These are the usual name brands like T Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and all other major players. When you choose the numbers to recognize, you simply plug them into the system, and you’re ready to make your private call. All your friends will never know that you did it-and they won’t be able to find out either.


There are several things you need to know about this new service. First, if there are multiple phone lines connected, you need to tell the system so that it won’t pick up the extra lines. Second, there is a small fee involved, but the cost isn’t much. Also, you do need a credit card or a Pay Pal account to use the service. You can pay online using your credit card or Pay Pal account, and it’s easy to do.

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