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After more than 45 years of being a family-run business, Australian Jewellers has officially been taken over by Australian Jewellers Supplies. The company, which is based in Adelaide, South Australia, manufactures and sells jewelry, accessories, and similar products all over the world. Since its founding, AJS has made it to become the largest supplier in the industry, with thousands of professional jewelers worldwide in its stable. The company’s main distributors are:

How to Find The Best Australian Jewellers

Among the most popular products sold by Australian Jewellers are diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, vintage wedding sets, cufflinks, brooches, watches, bracelets, and anklets. Most of their merchandise is available online, however, the most popular items are still found in their local stores. To make sure you are getting the right products for your needs, they have an excellent website that is filled with helpful tips and information. You can also visit their physical store in the city of Sydney. Here you will be able to look at the latest collections, including custom-made jewelry.

This Australian Jewelry Supplies company is fully committed to providing world-class services to its customers, including custom-made jewelry. It also aims to improve the standard of the materials and methods used in jewelry making from the craftsmanship to the customization aspect. They use the latest technology in producing their products: computer-aided cutting and laminating. In order to ensure your satisfaction, they offer a 100% no-risk guarantee on any purchases you make. All their other works include the supply of bespoke design, development, and manufacturing to meet every client’s requirement.

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