detached garage conversion uk

The cost of a detached garage conversion UK can range significantly. It is important to note that the process of converting an existing garage is a lengthy one, and requires a change of use. While most residential and office conversions can be completed on a shoestring budget, detached garage conversions usually require additional work and may need new footings. However, the costs involved with a converted garage are well worth it, as they can create extra living space that’s completely tailored to your needs.

Fast-Track Your Cost Of A Detached Garage Conversion In The UK

Detached garages have unique planning rules and regulations, but in many cases, it is possible to connect the new structure to the mains supply. However, if the mains supply is too low for the new conversion, the builder or electrician may suggest adding a separate consumer unit to the existing house. A separate consumer unit is also an option, although it is not always possible. The most common type of detached garage conversion in the UK is a double-storey structure, which means that a double-storey building may require extra walls to create a hallway.

The mains supply to the house is connected to a separate consumer unit in the garage, which needs to be upgraded to accommodate the additional space. It may also require additional power and water supplies. An extension of the roof may require planning permission. A detached garage conversion should be accompanied by a full planning permission, but this is rare. In the majority of cases, an architect or contractor will handle the planning and building regulations aspects.

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