How to install PEX crimp clamp fittings

The most important thing to know about installing PEX crimp clamp fittings is their proper application. These fittings must be protected from soil and concrete to avoid corrosion. There are three ways to protect buried fittings from corrosion. Foam pipe insulation is recommended for underground installations. Follow manufacturer instructions carefully to ensure proper application. When installing PEX crimp clamp fittings, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to protect the fittings.

You Can Also Buy A De-crimping Tool To Remove The Copper Ring

How to install PEX crimp clamp fittings , make sure you know how the pipe will be installed. PEX fittings are compatible with 1/2-in. Besides, they are lead-free and made to ASTM standards. Also, you should know that not all plastic tubing is Pex and these fittings are not compatible with other tubing. For long-term installation, you should use crimp rings. Cinch rings are less effective. Another option is pipe clamps. These are a quick fix but may leak in time.

If you’re installing PEX piping for a home project, it is recommended that you use a crimping tool. A crimping tool comes in different configurations, allowing you to crimp fittings of different sizes. A popular crimping tool is available for either 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch PEX tubing. These tools come with interchangeable crimp heads. You can also buy a de-crimping tool to remove the copper ring.

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