80s clothing

In the 1980s, the fashion trends were big and bold. There were bold colors, neon and lashings of fabric. They were inspired by movies, TV shows and music. But they also came with a price tag.

Some of the popular 80s clothing styles were big sweaters. These sweaters were made of luxurious textiles. They were often worn over tank tops. It was a style that could be used by both men and women.

Another popular 80s clothing item was a jean jacket. These could be acid washed or soft. The jackets could be worn over jeans for a different look.

Another popular 80s clothing item were high-top sneakers. Often worn with black, these were a key trend of the era.

Another popular 80s clothing item was leg warmers. These were not like the leggings we wear today. Rather, they were more similar to harem pants.

The 80s and 90s Supermodel Era: How it Impacted Fashion

Harem pants were a precursor to dropped crotch pants. Psychedelic patterns were prevalent in the 80s. And they were a favorite of fashion idols like Madonna and Tina Turner.

Other 80s fashion items included fanny packs, padded shoulder business suits, and fingerless cloves. Many 80s accessories were made of Lycra and mesh accents.

Another popular 80s clothing item was an off-shoulder top. These were available in three different vibrant colors. Often, they had a fishnet shirt underneath. This outfit would make you look stylish and sassy.

You can find some of these popular 80s clothing items at stores like United Colors of Benetton. Their line carries designs with patterned and striped designs.

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