A construction party is a fun way to celebrate your little one’s birthday! From the invitations to the food, there are tons of ways to get creative with this theme.

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Start by hosting the party at a Peerspace location that has a cool construction vibe! If you have a large space, try setting up a play area for your guests. This will allow the kids to pretend they are construction workers and feel like they’re actually at a construction site!

Decorations: Using caution tape, orange cones, and other work zone decorations is an easy way to add the theme to your party. You can also create a construction sign using cardboard or poster paper. Guests will be excited to arrive at a fun construction party! This yellow invitation is sure to entice them to celebrate with you. The photo slot lets you upload a favorite photo of the guest of honor and the cute construction tools add an extra touch to this worker-themed invite.

The dessert table is full of delicious treats that perfectly complement the theme of the party! Road signs cake pops from Astonishing Cakes, dirt pudding cups, chocolate road signs brownies, and truck tires donuts make a tasty treat that the guests will love.

Party games: Keeping with the construction theme, I created a cone ring toss game. I bought a 10 pack of orange cones and printed several construction-themed coloring pages to use as the props for this game.

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