An egg collecting basket can be a lifesaver. You may think you’ll just grab your eggs and go, but then you get out to the coop and realize that there is no way you can carry all the eggs without a basket! More info :

If you’re looking for a reliable egg collection basket, you can’t go wrong with a wire chicken egg basket. These baskets are incredibly strong and can easily hold several dozen eggs at once.

Another great thing about using a wire basket to collect your eggs is that they are easier to clean than wicker or woven egg baskets. The reason is because the hen’s body weight is distributed over a much larger area, so any dirt and feathers will fall out of the bottom of the basket rather than sitting there on top of a broken egg!

These sturdier baskets are also great for keeping your eggs cool and fresh, as they allow air to circulate around them. This prevents the eggs from getting too hot and aging too quickly, which can happen when you collect them in a bucket or box.

You can find these baskets at craft stores, yard sales, or antique shops for a relatively inexpensive price. Some old-timey baskets are even free to use, if you know of someone who has an old one that could be repurposed!

You can even use these sturdier baskets as egg-washing baskets, which is another great advantage over a wicker or woven egg basket. You can wash the eggs, then put them back in the basket to dry out before storing them.

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