ADI Leak Detection are specialists in locating hidden underground/ underfloor water leaks, pinpointing the exact location using non-invasive technology. With their extensive experience in detecting water leaks in residential, commercial and industrial properties, they can quickly identify the source of the problem and provide cost effective solutions to the property owner.

They use non-invasive techniques and state of the art equipment to locate and resolve leaks quickly. This includes thermal imaging and acoustic technologies to enable them to solve any leak problem.

Their specialised leak detection equipment is designed to find and repair small hidden leaks in homes and businesses, as well as large, costly and dangerous leaks. They are also experienced in working with all kinds of pool and spa equipment.

The Cost of ADI Leak Detection: Is It Worth the Investment

Thermography – a technique to identify pipeline leaks based on infrared radiation (thermal heat) of the monitored product emitted by the pipeline, distinguishing it from the background objects in the imagery. The temperature difference between the product and the background is used to determine the location of the leak, enabling automatic onsite detection and analysis.

Distributed temperature sensing – this method uses a fiber-optic cable that stretches across the length of a pipeline, with a laser beam pulse emitted by a transmitter along each section of the pipeline. The reflection of the laser beam changes with any vibrations, indicating a leak.

Pipeline rights of way are often kept clear by landscapers who are trained to look for signs of a pipeline release. Flyovers of the pipeline are also frequently carried out to confirm the location or to detect and locate small releases that may not be detected by other methods.

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