The cost of installing ducted heating prices will vary depending on the installation type, how much ductwork needs to be installed and whether or not the system includes add-on cooling. For example, installing a gas ducted heater with a zone system is more expensive than a standard installation. Another factor to consider is the system’s energy efficiency, which can impact running costs. Choosing a system with a higher star rating is usually more expensive upfront, but will save you money on electricity bills in the long run.

What is the standard heating system?

For example, if you have pre-existing ductwork in place then the cost will be lower. Similarly, if you need to install a whole new system, the cost will be higher as it requires the services of multiple tradespeople.

A major driver of ducted heating prices is the price of gas. In 2022, it’s currently around 11c to 15c per kWh when using natural gas and around 17c to 20c when using LPG (compared to 30c per kWh when using an electric heat pump).

To calculate your annual running costs, start with the heating system’s energy consumption in Megajoules, then find your local average residential gas rate. Multiply these values by the number of hours the system runs each day. You can minimise ducted heating running costs by regularly servicing your system, utilising the zoning functionality and keeping the thermostat as low as possible.

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