If you are a diplomat or hold a special diplomatic position in your country’s government, you can travel to the United States with an A1 Visa. It is a very simple Visa to apply for and is processed faster than other Visas. This Visa offers some special benefits, including immunity from prosecution. A1 Visa holders can also stay in the US as long as they continue to occupy their diplomatic positions.

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A1 Visas are given to government officials such as public ministers, ambassadors, consular officers, and their immediate family members. They must be traveling to the US on official government business. The Visa is not available to local governments officials or people who are traveling to the US for commercial purposes or other reasons unrelated to their government.

To obtain an A-1 Visa, you must submit several documents. These include a valid passport, a completed application form, a detailed itinerary of your travels, proof that you are the person for whom the visa is being requested, and other supporting documentation.

A1 Visas are typically granted for three years and can be extended as needed for official travel. They may be issued for an indefinite period of time for heads of state or other highly distinguished dignitaries. A1 visa holders can also work in the US on an A2 Visa or on other types of employment-based immigration visas. However, they cannot be paid salaries or engaged in other types of full-time employment.

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