Active Mile Daily Track

Active Mile Daily Track is a 15-minute outdoor physical activity where children run, jog or walk around a pre-determined route within their school grounds. It requires no additional equipment or lesson planning and is suitable for all ages. It is an evidence-based program, endorsed by a number of educational bodies and health organizations. Schools in over 50 countries are using the program.

Using Technology to Simplify Your Daily Active Mile Tracking

Low levels of MVPA, high sedentary time, declining fitness levels and increasing obesity are global issues that require effective intervention strategies. The Daily Mile is a popular and easy-to-implement intervention that has anecdotally been reported to have a range of physiological benefits. However, to be taken seriously by government policymakers it must be tested using gold standard measurement techniques. This is why the present study was conducted in both a control and an experimental primary school to test whether introducing the Daily Mile resulted in the hoped for benefits of increased MVPA, reduced sedentary time, improved fitness and improved body composition.

In addition to the quantitative analyses, semi-structured qualitative interviews were also conducted with teachers to explore their experiences of delivering the Daily Mile in their schools. These qualitative data were analyzed using an interpretive approach to identify common themes across the teachers’ responses. The main theme identified was the impact of the Daily Mile on concentration levels and behavioral outcomes. Teachers also highlighted the importance of an appropriate running surface, especially in wet weather.

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