Turnitin is a popular plagiarism checker used by teachers and students. It compares submitted text with existing databases of content to detect plagiarized words and phrases, assigning a Similarity Score to each submission. While the tool has been effective at preventing academic fraud, it has its limitations. It can be prone to technical issues such as website outages and bugs that hinder productivity. It also has the tendency to highlight single words that are common within a piece of writing, flagging them as duplicates even though they were not intentionally copied. As a result, free turnitin alternative  has been difficult for some teachers to properly assess submissions and determine when a student has committed real plagiarism.

Can Turnitin detect Quillbot?

Some users may want to consider turnitin free alternative because they do not need the full range of features that come with Turnitin. These may include those who only need a plagiarism checker, but not a fully-fledged learning management system that allows them to manage classrooms and mark assignments. Others may need an alternative that can scan for plagiarism in blogs and websites, but not a solution that includes access to academic databases like Elsevier/Scopus and Springer & Nature.

PlagScan is an excellent Turnitin alternative that offers a robust, comprehensive plagiarism checker that compares submitted text with billions of web pages and academic papers to identify duplicated phrases and words. It also checks for grammatical errors and provides a citation generator. While it is not as advanced as Turnitin, PlagScan is easy to use and is available for free.

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