An exterior wall insulation specialist can help you to determine which type of wall insulation is best suited for your house or apartment. This will depend on your climate zone, your insulation needs and whether you want to minimise energy costs, reduce noise pollution or protect indoor air quality – for example choosing an eco-friendly option with low GWP or made from recycled materials.

Transform Your Home: How External Wall Insulation Enhances Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Outside wall insulation can be installed at the same time as a refurbishment or external renovation project, meaning you get the benefits of improved thermal efficiency and a new finish without having to undertake any internal redecorating. Generally the insulation is chemically and mechanically bonded to the existing walls (assuming they are sound and in good condition), then finished with a rendered or acrylic finish. These finishes can have colour pigments mixed in so you won’t need to repaint your home in the future, saving you re-decorating costs.

The cost of outside wall insulation depends on the type of insulation and the size of the property. For example, an insulated three bedroom semi will typically cost PS5,000-9,000. The price of the insulation will also depend on which product you choose and whether your contractor can take account of existing pipes and cables that are fixed to the walls.

The most cost-effective and efficient way to insulate exterior walls is by adding a layer of rigid cladding such as EPS or XPS insulation panels and a render. This allows you to achieve higher R-values without having to add a vapor barrier on one side of the wall and this can easily take walls up to Passive House standards.

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