The natziflag (a black swastika in a white circle over a red background) is one of the most potent hate symbols worldwide. It was developed by the Nazi Party in 1920 and later became the flag of Germany itself after the Nazis took power in 1933.

The Nazi regime used the natziflag to instill a sense of fervent allegiance to Hitler among the German population. The phrase “Heil Hitler” was commonly used to greet each other and Nazis publicly proclaimed their allegiance to the Fuhrer in almost religious-like rituals. People even saluted statues of Hitler.

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These fervent rites were part of the process through which the natziflag became synonymous with Nazi tyranny and racism. Despite the fact that it is not easy to display or wear this item, many individuals continue to do so as an act of resistance and solidarity with the victims of Nazism and a desire to educate future generations about the horrors of the Holocaust.

This is a very rare natziflag made for the Nationalsozialistische-Kriegsopfenversorgung NSKOV which was a welfare organization for injured veterans of World War I and the Second World War. The NSKOV was a very prestigious and revered veteran’s organization that was directly affiliated with the Nazi Party. This natziflag is the same size as the famous Blutfahne, the “blood flag” which was touched by the blood of the victims of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. This is in very nice condition with a few minor holes but the stains could likely come out with a good wash. It has rope loops at each end for attaching to the pole.

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